Rubber Base Plus


  • For uncoated papers
  • For all plate systems
  • Conventional or integrated dampening systems
  • Will not skin in the can or on the press
  • Ideal for thermography, forms and envelope printers
  • Immediate setting

Please be advised Van Son Royal Dutch Printing Ink Factories will be modernizing the packaging of our Rubber Base Plus and CML Oil-Base-Plus series of printing inks.
All 1 pound and 5 pound slip top cans will be phased out and replaced by a universal 1 Kilo (1kg / 2.2lb) Vacuum Sealed Can for all Rubber-Base Plus and CML Oil-Base Plus standard Pantone colors and blacks.
As the 1lb. and 5 lb. packaging is phased out, we will notify you at the time of your order for availability and / or changes to your order. Thank you for your patience during this transition and as the website is updated.

Total price is based on pounds times price per pound.

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