For generations, Van Son printing inks have set the standard for quality and performance in pressrooms around the world.

When Phillip Van Son founded his modest ink making business in 1872, it’s unlikely that he envisioned the impact his company would make on the printing industry throughout the world. Then again, maybe he did. The Van Son family has included many visionaries.

From founder Philip to his great grandson Maurits, who presently heads the company, the Van Son’s entrepreneurial spirit and inventiveness has fueled the phenomenal growth of an enterprise that is based exclusively on imaging products. The success of the company is attributable to its willingness to challenge uncharted waters. Van Son never borrows technology. It creates it.
That enables the company to utilize its own proprietary techniques in the development and production of new and innovative ink formulas. Nobody makes printing ink like we do.

At Van Son, the ink making process has always been somewhat more methodical than those employed by other printing ink manufacturers. Ours is a completely internal manufacturing process that is painstakingly precise and controlled. The result is a printing ink unmatched for its consistency… can after can… batch after batch…year after year.

That kind of product reliability is important to a printer, whether he’s running on a brand new ten-color Heidelberg or a thirty-year-old A.B. Dick.

Van Son has an ink that can cater to the needs and requirements of any sheetfed application. Naturally, Van Son gained its reputation in the small-to-midsize printing market, where a printer could purchase our exceptional quality and color consistency, one small can at a time. We also offered him more than printing ink. Throughout the years, in all areas of marketing distribution and customer service, our efforts have been geared toward helping printers learn more about printing. In addition to an exceptional product line, our self-help literature and technical assistance hotline has made Van Son the most popular supplier of printing inks to this market around the world.

All of us are aware of the dramatic changes that the printing industry has undergone in recent years. Printing equipment is far more sophisticated. Paper has become accountable to economics and the environment. Computers have altered the graphic arts industry forever, making process printing more accessible and affordable for advertisers and manufacturers. Van Son recognized and addressed these trends early on by creating formulations specifically for the needs and requirements, of the mid-to-large size printer.

Our most recent ink entry into the process printing market is Quickson® Signature Series. This extraordinary formula has taken every attribute of a quality ink to a new level of performance. Quickson’s gloss, rub-resistance, color strength, dot retention and quick setting and drying features are already turning heads throughout the industry.

It’s not surprising that the future looks brighter than ever for Van Son. As printing technology continues to evolve faster and faster, our team of ink formulators is busy creating new and better inks — formulas for today’s emerging trends and technologies — and even experimental printing applications destined to become the printing standards of the next generation of printers.